Release of my book “How to become a better digital photographer” in Malayalam by Mathrubhumi books

I am super excited about my latest book “How to become a better digital photographer”. To order online, please go to



Dance shoot on location with Parvathy Anoop at Hill Palace, Thripunithara

Sneha Unnikrishnan shoot for Mathrubhumi Star N Style Magazine

A recent work done for the Mathrubhumi Star and Style Magazine with the amazing talent Sneha Unnikrishnan.



Sana Althaf, Mariyam Mukku Heroine – Star N Style Magazine Shoot

An unforgettable trip to Valparai and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

A Shoot with two wonderful dancers

Dancers are truly fascinating. Their form and movements are extra ordinary and the way they twist and turn their body is something that keep intrigues me. The shoot was done with mostly one speedlight and occassional two. Highspeed sync really came in for rescue when the shutter speed went above sync speed, however it came with a price of power. One speedlight was not enough to pull it off so had to use two of them to compensate the power loss. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunset which has become a rarity in the rainy season. All in all a wonderful shoot and we had some great fun!

Star N Style Shoot Sarayu – Co-shoot with B. Muralikrishnan

Kadamakkudy – An unknown jewel in Kochi

A very special picture about two very special people

This is one of my all time favorite photos. One reason is ofcourse the subjects, who are very dearer to me. Apart from that there are many other factors that works for me here. First is the location, what an awesome place to shoot a couple. It’s a stairway to heaven, all credits goes to Praseeda for that. Second thing is the harmonious colors in it. Nothing calls for attention and distracts from them. I planned it that way (what a lie!). Serendipity is a life saver sometimes :-) Next is the lighting: my cousin Shambhu (you cant see him, he is standing behind the wall) and lighting them with a speedlght and softbox. Last but not the least is their expressions. It doesn’t look posed and they are at their natural self. Way to go Unni and Dhivya.

New article about “Essential Camera Buttons” in Mathrubhumi Yathra